Chinese Dessert Recipes
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Welcome to our favorite collection of authentic Chinese dessert recipes! If you are looking to make your very own Chinese cakes or dessert drinks ('tong sui' 糖水 in Chinese), we have plenty of Chinese food recipes for you.

Bowls of Red Bean Dessert Soup

These easy Chinese dessert recipes are tried and tested. They are common desserts enjoyed by many, either as breakfast or snacks.

Traditional Chinese Snacks :
Peanut Mochi
Chinese Donut (Ham Jim Peng)
Yu Tiao 油條 (Chinese Crullers)
Salad Springrolls (Salad Popiah)
Steamed Yam Cake
Sweet Egg Squares (Sak Ke Mah)
Herbal Tea Eggs
Red Bean Bun (Tau Sar Pau) 豆沙包

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Chinese & Nyonya 娘惹 Dessert Drinks (Tongsui) 糖水 :
Red Dates Ginger Drink 紅豆沙
Red Bean Drink 紅豆沙
Mung Bean Drink 綠豆沙
Black Glutinous Rice Drink 黑糯米糖水
Bubur Cha Cha
Easy Bubur Cha Cha
Sweet Potatoes Drink
Ginkgo Barley Drink 白果薏米
Pumpkin Barley Drink
Pumpkin Dates Drink
Lin Chee Kang (Lotus Seeds Drink)
Sea Coconut Drink With Buddha's Fruit (Loh Han Guo) 海底椰羅漢果
Tofu Fa (Soybean Milk Pudding) 豆腐花

Chinese & Nyonya 娘惹 Kuehs :
White Honeycomb Cake
Red Ang Koo Kuih 紅龜糕
Layered Kueh (Kuih Lapis) 九層糕
Kuih Talam
Tapioca Cake (Bingka Ubi Kayu) 木薯糕
Malaysian Cake (Ma Lai Koh) 馬來糕
Chinese Rice Cakes (Fatt Koh) 發糕
Mini Pudding (Wun Chai Koh) 碗子糕
Steamed Cake (Sung Koh) 松糕
Coconut Crepes (Apam Balik)
Peanut Pancakes (Dai Kau Min) 大塊面
Radish Cake (Lor Bak Koh) 蘿蔔糕
Coconut Cendol Jello
Kuih Koci

Chinese Pastries :
Ham Dan Sou (Egg Yolk Puff)
Creamy Egg Tarts 蛋挞
Wife Biscuit (Loh Por Peng) 老婆饼
Green Bean Biscuit (Luk Dou Peng)
Sweet Red Bean Biscuit (Tim Dou Sar Peng)
Savoury Red Bean Biscuit (Ham Dou Sar Peng)
Chinese Walnut Biscuit (Hup Toh Soh)
Sweet Egg Squares (Sak Ke Mah)

Festive Chinese Dessert Recipes: Festive Desserts :
Nian Gao (Sticky Cake)
Love Letters (Kuih Kapit)
Glutinous Rice Balls (Tang Yuan)
Baked Lotus Mooncake
Red Bean Mooncake
Snow Durian Mooncake (Ping Pei)
Snow Skin Mooncake (Ping Pei)
Mixed Nuts & Fruits Mooncake
TeoChew Yam Mooncake
Shanghai Mooncake
Red Bean Sweet Dumpling

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My mother makes tasty nutritious Chinese dessert drinks or tong sui 糖水 such as ginkgo barley drink 白果薏米, red bean drink 紅豆沙, black glutinous rice drink 黑糯米糖水 and tang yuen 湯圓. We enjoy them during weekends especially with the notoriously named Yu Tiao 油條 aka Deep Fried Devils 油炸鬼! Some of these Chinese food are favorite festive desserts usually served during Chinese New Year, Mid Autumn Festival, Winter Solstice etc.

My mother-in-law makes just as good Chinese dessert drinks too. Her red bean drink 紅豆沙 and sweet potato drink 番薯糖水 are the best in the world! One bowl is never enough. I learned to make these Chinese desserts drinks too and they are really quite simple. Just watch the sugar and the fire.

Most Asian desserts cakes 糕點 are either steamed or fried, particularly Chinese dessert recipes generally require steaming which is good health-wise. Have you ever tasted steamed cakes? They are delightfully spongy and not oily and best eaten hot! As for fried Chinese desserts, you must try the Chinese Crullers 油炸鬼 in particular - they are crispy and taste great with porridge or black coffee. There are other varieties of crullers which you see at the morning market stalls. These stalls are usually crowd pullers.

Mooncakes 月餅 are Chinese delicacies savored once a year during the Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋節 which is celebrated annually on the 15th of the 8th Lunar month of the Chinese calendar. Mooncake recipes are oriental recipes which require baking. The basic mooncakes are of lotus paste 蓮蓉 or red bean paste 豆沙 filling. Another favorite is the chilled (ping pei) 冰皮 type. The skin is either snowy white or jade green 翡翠 and has to be kept in the fridge or else it will turn moldy.

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